CleverTexting Arabic IME 2.1.12

Source:Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd

This is a Input Method Editor (IME) and can be used in all applications on your phone by selecting it. Instructions at the bottom.

CleverTexting is a new Texting Technology that predicts letters as you type. It is based on the statistical nature of a language and is dictionary less. Along with a user interface innovation of dynamic key assignment, it offers a terrific advantage of single keystroke typing on limited keypad devices like the mobile phone; and offers a smoother typing experience to the user.

Two rules
1. Look for the character, press it.
2. If character not there, press Next List button.


1. Download and install this application on phone.
2. Go to "Setting"->"Locale & text" and tick in check box on CleverTexting Arabic.
3. Go to any text filed in which you want to type.
4. Long press on text field and choose "Input Method".
5. Select this IME (CleverTexting Arabic)

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